Ensuring the key aspects of your business have the right insurance in place is crucial and at Affinity Brokers Ltd we could help provide your core Property & Business Interruption Insurance under one handy policy that’s tailored to your needs.

Events like fire, flooding or theft can cause your business obvious expense and we could cover you for property damage, stolen or damaged stock and more. Beyond this, the effects of such an event on your business can have further ramifications. If a fire forces you to temporarily close your business while repairs are conducted, you’re not only spending money on repair work but also losing money for every day that you remain closed. With Business Interruption, you’re covered so if you do need to close, or if your ability to conduct your business as normal is compromised, you won’t face additional financial loss.

To arrange Property & Business Interruption cover for your business, simply get in touch with Affinity Brokers Ltd and we’ll create the most appropriate package for you.