As businesses become more and more reliant on computer technology, they are also becoming more and more susceptible to the effects of cyber crime.  A cyber attack, accidental data breach or malware could all have potentially devastating affects upon your business but with a Cyber Liability Insurance in place, you’ll have the support you need to bounce back.

Though you may not expect your business to be the target of cyber crime, even a virus could still cause you substantial problems. You may be unable to use your computing equipment, important data could be lost or stolen and your website might be compromised, affecting your ability to trade. Replacing or repairing damaged equipment can be expensive and if private details of clients or employees are obtained by others, you could face legal action.

Cyber cover helps to support your business by providing you with cover for cyber attack, data breach, crisis management and more. This could prove decisive by covering your expenses, helping you handle the immediate fallout and taking steps to ensure something similar does not happen again.

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