Insuring Christmas sparklers

In the rush to spend at Christmas time, we can forget to make sure expensive presents are taken care of with insurance cover.

Jewellery along with gadgets make a significant portion of our annual Christmas present spend and are easy for a thief to carry away. Tennis bracelets, classic studs, watches and of course, engagement rings all feature high on Christmas gift lists, but is a box in a drawer really the best form of protection?

Think outside the box

Depending on the value of your gift, your household insurers may require additional security measures such as the installation of a safe. Our Adorn Jewellery policy provides cover for theft, loss and accidental damage of individual items of jewellery up to the value of £15,000 without any requirement for increased security.

Make adjustments

Some insurers will automatically increase your contents cover at Christmas time to make allowances for Christmas presents stashed in the nooks and crannies of your home. However, almost all insurers also expect you to individually note items worth £1500 if your cover is to remain valid.

If your jewellery item exceeds this, get in touch with your insurance provider or broker so they can make necessary adjustments to your policy so that this is covered.

If you would like a quotation to insure specific items of jewellery please click here.

Our experts at Affinity will be able to tell you what your contents inclusions are if you insure through us, or offer guidance on jewellery cover as part of your home insurance or a separate policy if you don’t.