5 ways to boost morale at work without breaking the bank

While after the first UK lockdown began to subside in July, we began to see a semblance of normality, lockdown 2 has plunged many workers back into uncertainty and for many, back into remote working situations. Now, worries and doubts are starting to creep in once again. According to a survey conducted by Human Resource Management, 65% of employers said maintaining employee morale during COVID-19 is a problem, but how do you remedy this? We take a look at five ways you can boost employee morale without breaking the bank

1) Share good news

As we find ourselves in and out of various levels of lockdown, it can be easy to start thinking that the negatives outweigh the positives. This means that it’s now more important than ever to share good news across your business, whether it’s something business related like a strong financial year or a big win, or something more personal and closer to home, like a new baby or wedding. It’s surprising just how much that one positive snippet of information can give someone hope or brighten up their day.

2) Give praise and say thank you

As many of us continue to work remotely, it can be easy for employees to feel like their efforts aren’t being recognised or they’re falling under the radar. That’s why it’s important to celebrate achievements and give thanks where you can. Even if it’s for something small, don’t hesitate to give your colleagues the praise they deserve. For employees, knowing that they are appreciated can be a great motivator and may even improve their productivity overall.

3) Check in with your colleagues

Make sure to stay connected in and across your teams with regular video calls and check-ins to allow everyone to stay in loop and share any concerns. Try to encourage virtual bonding by giving your employees access to a variety of remote working tools, including team chat, text, live chat and project management software. You should also consider bringing together wider teams through online events and meetings. While you may be tired of Zoom quizzes at this stage, there’s plenty more options with a little imagination!

4) Give employees access to wellbeing resources

As supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace becomes increasingly prevalent, it’s important that your employees know how to access help and support as and when they need it. If your workplace has resources available, ensure that these are kept in a place which is accessible to all, such as your company intranet, and communicate their whereabouts frequently. It’s also worth sharing the details of free resources that are available to the public, including the Samaritans helpline.

5) Be flexible

Whereas there will be occasions where your employees need to work certain hours, there will likely be others where you can offer them more flexibility in their working day. There are many advantages to both employers and employees with remote working, as long as you embrace the fact that you are not bound by the same restrictions as the office environment. During these times of uncertainty, giving your staff more opportunities to work flexibly will not only show that you have trust in them, but will also allow them to shape their day in a way that they’re most productive.

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