How embracing the ‘new normal’ can help protect jewellers

Before the UK lockdown began, many jewellers were wary about employing security guards or implementing a locked door policy, despite their obvious security benefits. The reasons behind these misgivings were often surrounding public perception and whether these methods would be intimidating to potential customers.

Adapting retail space for COVID-19

Now that jewellers have been given the green light to reopen their doors to the public, rather than appearing intimidating, these types of safety measures are actively being encouraged across all retail stores in order to manage the intake of customers, maintain social distancing and avoid potential trouble.  Often jewellery stores operate in more confined spaces than other retail premises which makes it even more essential to strictly manage footfall.  

Surge in crime  

As well, it’s now more important than ever for jewellers to maintain strict security measures in order to counteract the predicted rise in crime than often occurs as an offspring of a sudden decline in the economy. Criminals look to take advantage of the situation at hand and as shops continue to reopen, they will likely take both opportunistic and methodological approaches to target these businesses.

Looking to the future

It’s still difficult to predict what the future holds for COVID-19, but we can see that it has triggered significant and irreversible change across a wide range of industries and sectors, as well as consumer shopping and spending habits. People across the world have quickly had to adapt and businesses have been required to make major decisions while remaining unsure of what is happening from one day to the next.

While it’s clear that this situation has had a devastating impact on countless lives, many businesses have seen some good come from the new way of working they were forcibly steered into. Many have suggested that the lockdown has shown them that they can now operate in ways they didn’t think were possible before, allowing them to become much more flexible, embrace new technologies and explore different ways of conducting business.

In terms of jewellers, this could have a significant impact on the overall security of your premises. At this time, door security guards are welcomed and expected, and a locked door policy can be easily accepted. What was once potentially seen as intimidating and uninviting is now viewed by most as a way to protect your staff and customers and will only go to build your customers’ trust.

You’ve got these measures in place now, so why not take the opportunity to continue these safety standards, even after the restrictions are lifted? As consumers get used to this way of shopping, they will likely be more willing to accept them as standard going forward.

Are you due an insurance review?

The majority of retail businesses have needed to make significant changes to their operations over lockdown, with some having reduced or amended their insurance in order to account for their temporary halt in business. Due to these changes, it’s essential that you review your insurance to ensure that it meets your current requirements. 

At Affinity Brokers Ltd, we specialise in arranging Jewellers Block insurance that’s tailored to the needs of your unique operation. With a strong understanding of both the jewellery and insurance industry, our dedicated team can help you get the cover you need. To speak to one of our advisors, please get in touch.