Food and Drink Trends for 2019

Leading businesses in the food industry have recently predicted what food and drink trends to expect in 2019, based on their market research, sales figures and more. We take a look at what is set to prosper this year.

Savoury ice cream
New ice cream flavours are predicted to catch on in 2019, encapsulating the food trends that previous years have bought. Ice cream lovers can expect to see bases featuring avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water. Producers are hoping that the demand for these will increase as more people catch on. The flavours and techniques are inspired by Thai and Turkish influences which have risen in popularity through videos of street sellers going viral on social media.

Meat alternatives
Whilst plant-based alternatives and veganism have already risen dramatically in popularity in recent years, supermarkets predict that there will continue to be a boom in products advertised as meat alternatives. Companies such as Impossible Foods have worked to develop meat substitutes which look, taste and act just like the real deal. Their Impossible Burgereven bleeds when you cut it, giving the impression of a perfectly cooked beef burger whilst remaining suitable for vegans.

Environmentally friendly packaging
Following David Attenborough’s unflinching portrayal of the impact plastic pollution has on marine life, there has been a huge increase in public demand for less packaging or suitable plastic alternatives. Whilst small changes have already been implemented, there are much bigger ones on the horizon, from no-waste stores to drastic changes for single-use products. Manufacturers and sellers will need to stay on the ball with these in 2019. The focus will be on sustainability.

Bitter is the new sweet
2019 will see the rise of bitter flavours dominating the food and drinks market. We’ve had sweet, we’ve had sweet and salty… now it’s time for bitter to take the lead. This will see the charring of food in restaurants, right through to dark chocolate, kale and drinks like Negroni or Aperol Spritz. It’s considered that this may be a reaction to the public’s call to reduce their sugar consumption.

Alcohol-free booze
Waitrose predicts a surge in alcohol-free spirits hitting their shelves, following on from statistics which suggest that the public want more adult-friendly alcohol-free alternatives. This has the potential to extend to restaurants and bars who can offer delicious alcohol-free cocktails without compromising on the base flavours.

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