Could offering health insurance for your employees reduce sick days?

Though technological advancements are changing the way the UK workforce operates, we haven’t been able to hand-off all our gruelling manual tasks to robots quite yet.

The lowdown
Material handling, heavy lifting, driving long distance, guiding tools and even working on a keyboard are considered the norm for many workers, all of which can contribute toward lower back pain. This explains why 200,000 people suffered from work-related back disorders in 2016-2017, leading to a staggering 3.2 million sick days for back pain alone.

Lower back pain is usually a recurring issue and acute attacks can occur where you may have overstretched or overcommitted your back. Whilst such issues commonly affect those in the construction, agriculture and transportation sectors, lower back pain can affect employees across every industry.  On average, each episode of back pain can amount to 15 days off work.

So what is the alternative?
Health insurance for your business isn’t a legal requirement in the same way that employers’ liability is, but the advantages can be just as far-reaching.

If you’re a large firm with thousands of employees, prospective employees may well expect a thorough health insurance package that’s ‘bolted-on’ to their contract. If you’re a small to medium enterprise, health insurance can be used as an employee benefit that makes your company stand out from the crowd.

Raising awareness of lower back disorders not only empowers you as a responsible business but can also boost employee productivity, retention and drive. New research found that 61% of employees surveyed didn’t have access to a workplace well-being programme and a mere 30% of respondents said that their employer-led healthcare scheme provided sufficient cover.

With the right business health insurance, your employees could have access to specialist chiropractors and osteopaths should they require one, at a rate that’s probably cheaper than you think.

Whatever field you are in, from construction, manufacturing and retail to office-based environments, we can help you to aid your employees in times of need. For more information on how Affinity Brokers can equip you with a solid business health insurance plan, contact us now on 0141 221 9344.