Statutory Inspection of Pressure Systems 

We would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention that there is a legal requirement to inspect all pressure plant systems, including steam cleaners and autoclaves, under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, 2000 (PSSR), Regulation 9.


What is Required?

The PSSR apply to users of pressure systems that contain relevant fluids. They require the whole system to be inspected by a competent person in accordance with the relevant written scheme of examination. As well as a thorough examination with the system closed down and vessels opened up, a working examination is also usually required.


What Action do I Need to Take? 

If you own or use any equipment which stores pressure to give steam on demand, such as jewellery steam cleaners or autoclaves these need to be inspected by a competent person periodically every 14 or 26 months depending on the type of equipment being used.

A breach in this Health & Safety requirement could result in the Health & Safety Executive taking action against your company and you personally as a business owner, director or principal.

If you are not already complying with these regulations please contact Affinity Brokers Ltd as soon as possible to arrange an inspection.

Should you have any queries regarding these regulations please get in touch.