In some businesses, staff are based almost entirely in one office and seldom have reason to travel. In others, however, employees frequently travel up and down the country, or even overseas, to meet with clients, inspect offices and suppliers and attend events. If you and your staff regularly travel as part of your business you’ll want to make sure that they (and your business) are looked after when they’ve on the move, either on their own or when travelling in a group.

There are two insurance covers that often go overlooked when insuring a business but that can be extremely important for companies that are always on the go – Business Travel Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance.


Business Travel Cover

If you or your employees need to travel for meetings, conferences or other business purposes, Business Travel Insurance is a must. This insurance can be used to cover a group of employees under one policy, meaning that if something goes wrong while they are on the go, they remain protected – as does your business.

A cancelled flight or bout of food poisoning can be hugely inconvenient when your staff have places to be and people to meet but beyond this it can also be hugely expensive for your business, particularly if a large group of staff are involved.

Business Travel Insurance includes cover for personal belongings, delay & cancellation, medical cover, legal expenses, money, personal liability and personal accident, with even more covers available. Whether your staff are travelling aboard, or simply around the UK, a Business Travel policy can give you the peace of mind you need – no matter where in the world your business takes you.

As a director you can also benefit from automatic cover for your personal leisure trips, with partners and children included in this protection whether or not you’re accompanying them.


Group Personal Accident Cover

Whether on familiar ground or not, Group Personal Accident can cover your employees up to the age of 85 for health afflictions. In the event of a successful claim, a fixed benefit amount is payable to your company to use as you see fit for your employees, so you can offer them and their families vital support during challenging times.

Group Personal Accident Insurance also comes with a 24hour helpline, serving on a worldwide basis, making it the perfect accompaniment for a Business Travel policy. Whilst available separately, these two covers are incredibly effective when paired together and as such, a discount can available when combining the two.

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